The Daily Beast
August 23, 2014
Can you really build farms on top of offices, in skyscrapers that look like they’ve been chopped into? Maybe not, but such outlandish designs profoundly influence how our cities will be built.
August 1, 2014
By merging landscape and architecture, Balmori Associates and H Architecture aim to create a new seat of government for South Korea—and a new form of urbanism.
July 29, 2014
Is the Copenhagen Wheel poised to become the next big thing in alternative urban transportation?
July 2, 2014
Still a young city by global standards, L.A. has created a model for chronicling its historic resources.
The Guardian
June 25, 2014
Cutting edge data-driven analysis directs Los Angeles patrol officers to likely future crime scenes – but critics worry that decision-making by machine will bring 'tyranny of the algorithm'
June 16, 2014
SPF:a’s modern addition to an existing 1930s post office complex provides a new cultural epicenter for Beverly Hills.
The Magazine
May 22, 2014
A revolution in stadium displays gave birth to the kiss cam.
May 22, 2014
Cities are experimenting with different materials — from heated panels to flexible rubber — but the best replacement has yet to emerge.
May 8, 2014
A primer to help you decide when—and if—you should hang out your shingle.
The Atlantic Cities
April 29, 2014
Charging fast and breaking down in the early days of the electric roadtrip